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Newsletter Video, May 2016


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Shoulder Pain? Start Here

Physical therapists are experts in the evaluation and treatment of shoulder disorders.

In the video we discussed conditions we regularly treat such as:

If you or someone you know has shoulder pain, we want to keep you out of the expensive and invasive healthcare system. See a physical therapist first.

How to Get Started

During your first visit with us (called an initial evaluation), you will experience the following:

  • We will take a thorough health history,
  • Ask you about your current problem,
  • Perform a detailed physical exam,
  • Discuss our findings with you, and
  • Provide you with a treatment plan.

If you agree with the plan, we can initiate treatment.

Call us for more information today.


The information in this video is intended for informational and educational purposes only and in no way should be taken to be the provision or practice of physical therapy, medical, or professional healthcare advice or services. The information should not be considered complete or exhaustive and should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes without first consulting with your physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician or other healthcare provider. The owners of this website accept no responsibility for the misuse of information contained within this website.